InAlliance Financial Planning will move to Abundant Wealth Partners

As of August 1, 2017, InAlliance Financial Planning has moved its practice to Abundant Wealth Partners, LLC.

"I am pleased to announce my new partnership with Aaron Ritter, CFP®. Effective August 1, 2017, my current firm, InAlliance Financial Planning, will begin migrating to Abundant Wealth Partners, LLC.

My intention has always been to find a partner for contingency and succession purposes, but it was important to me to find someone who also shared my goals and objectives as a financial planner. Aaron is not only intelligent and experienced, he is a highly-disciplined person who values integrity and ethics. I am proud and excited about our new partnership.

The primary benefit of this partnership is the continuation of service to our clients should unexpected events occur when one of us is unable to work. We can also more formally collaborate and share ideas and resources. You can find more information about Aaron and the company at

—Elizabeth Saghi, CFP®